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"Visit Intel" and how it coexists with Google Analytics

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"Visit Intel"  is a Business to Business (B2B) website visitor tracking tool.

Right now....without your knowledge there are people at companies clicking through your website anonymously.

"Visit Intel " takes that mystery away by sending proactive automated site visit alerts when people at companies click through your website.

The reports give detail about how they found you, what company they are from, what pages they clicked on while on your site and much more.

The most frequent question we receive with regards to "Visit Intel" is....."We use Google Analytics (GA) ....why do we also need Visit Intel"?

First off....Google Analytics (GA) is NOT a competitor of "Visit Intel".  We view  "Visit Intel" as a complimentary tool to GA.

 "Visit Intel" aims to provide the user with  information that GA does NOT give you.

Additionally...."Visit Intel" sends PROACTIVE Email Site Visit Alerts  directly to you.

You do not have to go anywhere other then your inbox to get these reports.

With GA you have to log into it first and try to navigate to find the information you desire.  Not to mention for the average person...GA is not that  user friendly.

Also...GA uses Cookies to track activity.   This is a really big deal as in the EU for example...if you track visitors with COOKIES....you have to have that disclaimer on your website .  The UK and Canada also frown upon the use of cookies.

 As I mentioned above..."Visit Intel" does NOT use tracking cookies ever.

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Additionally.....The more information you would like to track through  GA....the more you will need to pay Google to get that detailed info.

"Visit Intel" has other features as well which is ALL included in one price.

  For example ...

-  There is a feature within "Visit Intel" that generates a shortened landing page web address ( like bit.ly).  Once you generate the shortened address....it has "Visit Intel" Tracking  already embedded in it.
-  We can apply "Visit Intel" tracking to a defined list of  Contacts ( from Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Hub Spot etc)  so that when those people visit your site in the future...you will know exactly who clicked on what web pages on your site
-  We can apply "Visit Intel" tracking to an attachment embedded in an email or on a website....alerting you when that attachment has been opened.
-  We can apply "Visit Intel" tracking to a signature block that links to your site.  So you will know if they came to your site via the sig block.
-  Within "Visit Intel" you can assign what reports go to which sales people.  (ie. by territory)
-  There is the ability to create Excel reports that show the Macro Trends
-  We can set up "Visit Intel" to track what specific Email Campaign and/or Press Release triggered a site visit whether in house or from an ESP (email service provider)

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"I received a "Visit Intel" site alert from a company that  I would have NEVER have thought to target as part of our marketing strategy.  As a result of the "Visit Intel " site alert ...I reached out to the CEO and their head of HR.  We are now in the process of bidding on a project with them that looks like we will win.  Again...never would have had this opportunity if not for the "Visit Intel" Site alert.  Awesome product and really a game changer for us." President of an Executive Search Firm that uses  Visit Intel.
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