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Your Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy needs Visit Intel

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"I do not need Visit Intel.  We get our leads from Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns.

Frankly...by the time they get to our website....it is already too late.  We need to reach our leads/prospects  way before they land on our website.

Visit Intel would NOT really help us " said one of my prospects who I was talking to about our  website visitor tracking tool.

She gave me some valid points but I believe her reasoning above is somewhat flawed.  

We believe there is a place for BOTH ABM and Visit Intel.

Before we move on....Let's review what  both ABM  and Visit Intel are...

Account Based Marketing (ABM) -  ABM  is a B2B strategy that concentrates sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts within a market and employs personalized campaigns designed to resonate with each account.

So organizations who are trying to generate leads will hire advertising companies to create campaigns , banner ads etc that are  targeted to a predefined list of people with specific titles from specific companies.

This is an extremely effective way to get your message across to the right people from the companies in your target market.

Visit Intel is a  B2B website visitor tracking analytic tool that generates proactive automated Site Alert emails that  tell you when someone clicks through your website.

Visit Intel tells you....

-  What Company the person is from
- How they found your site -  ie. what campaigns, google Adwords, Key words social media sites etc. they used to land on your site
- What pages they clicked through
- and more

So although the prospect I was speaking with in the beginning of this post was correct in what she said about ABM she is missing a major part of the story.

ABM (in theory)  should drive the right people you want to sell to ....to your website.

Visit Intel  tells you who is actually visiting your website.  Are the people clicking through your site the ones you targeted in your ABM campaigns?

Visit Intel will give you that insight into whether or not your ABM advertising campaigns are actually working.....or not.

Also...Visit Intel is NOT only used just for Prospecting.

Wouldn't you like to know if your competitors are clicking through your website?

How about your existing customers?     They may click around your site showing interest in something you would have never thought  to talk to them about.  Could there be some cross sell or up-selling opportunities?  Of course there could.  Your customers are always your best prospects.  

Also you can judge how serious a prospect is in what you are selling if that prospect returns to your website as they get closer to moving forward with a purchase.

We can not dispute that ABM is an extremely powerful tool and there is certainly a major place for it in terms of generating leads.

However we can also say there is a complimentary place for a tool like Visit Intel as it gives you the REAL  information as to who is actually clicking through your website.

Want to try Visit Intel today....click this  LINK for a Free Trial



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