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When not selling results in a sale

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Recently I was standing on a line for a sandwich at a deli in my town awaiting to put in my order.

On the same line but standing behind me was an older gentleman who decided to strike up a conversation .

I was checking my email and probably a little social media on my phone…anything to make the time pass quicker.  I was also beginning to feel a little stress because I had a teleconference that was going to start in 30 minutes.

“So what do you do?” the man asked me.   “It looks like you are pretty busy at whatever it is? “ 

“I am a partner in a software company” thinking that would be the end of it.

“Software?...What Kind?” he asked.

“It is a tool that sends you Site Alerts via email that report which companies are landing on and clicking through your website. It also tells you how they found you, what pages they clicked etc.”

“Ah…I am a business owner and have a website….that information certainly would come in handy. I am always curious who is clicking around my site “he exclaimed.

I was again looking at my phone and then finally it was my turn and I ordered my chicken cutlet on a roll with mayo.

That was the end of the conversation ….so I thought. I grabbed my sandwich and nodded goodbye.

I paid for the sandwich and was heading for the exit just as a business card appeared from over my shoulder.

“Call me….I want to try your tool”

I was floored. The last thing on my mind at that moment was to try and sell “ Visit Intel” but a sale is exactly what happened.

Couple of lessons here that should be mentioned…

1.      No one likes the “hard” sell or the feeling like they are being sold something.  It comes across as desperate and people sense desperation and are turned off by it. I do not care what it is….the harder you go after anything in life whether it be money, women, fame etc…the more you end up pushing that "thing" further away. 

2.      “Visit Intel” is a great tool that obviously sells itself. Companies need it period.  Heck I myself would be lost without it which is why  my partners and I decided to sell it in the first place.

 It helps…

-         Generate leads - If your business does NOT need leads and you do not care who is interested in your company…then Bless You. But for most of us…the information Visit Intel gives you is gold.

-         It shows you what content on your website your customers and prospects are interested in allowing you to react to that information and service them better. 

-         It Shows you how people are finding you and if your marketing strategies are working as you expect them to

Ok...I am going to stop selling now.

Try Visit Intel with no obligation to ever move forward by clicking the following link .   https://visitintel.com/2ZR5YS29XXOEX.html


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