Visit Intel - Learn how we close the gap between sales and marketing

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Closing the gap between Sales and Marketing has been something that many organizations have been trying to solve for years.

Communication between the two seems to never be that great for many reasons.

Visit Intel can CLOSE that gap between the two very easily.

The Marketing team targets (in theory) the correct people to sell your products/services to with various tools ranging from...

  • Targeted email campaigns, news letters , press releases
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Etc.
Then....the resulting leads from the various marketing strategies should flow to the sales people so they can close business. Marketing and sales should be communicating a consistent message. :)

Sales people should reap the rewards of the work performed by the marketers.

But if sales has no idea as to what Marketing is doing and if the Marketing department is creating leads that sales can not work with or worse never receive ...problems occur and the blame game begins.

Marketing blames the sales people for not being able to close deals with all the leads they provided and sales blames marketing for sending them the wrong type of leads.

This is where Visit Intel comes in to the picture.

Visit Intel sends automatic SITE ALERT emails when someone from a company clicks through your website.

The Visit Intel Site Alerts that are emailed to you....give many details about the visitor including how they found you.
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So through out the day these Visit Intel Site Alerts are getting emailed to you as people visit your website. As someone who has been a sales person for 20 years and who eats what I kill...getting these alerts are priceless.

However to Marketing folks...they can get annoyed by all of these Site Alert emails.

I am seeing for some reason...the marketing departments are reluctant to share and direct the Visit Intel Site alerts to the sales people who would LOVE to have a lead come their way.

Remember...Visit Intel REPORTS ON ALL VISITORS even existing customers.

So you can service existing customers better because you can see what content on your site they were interested in and....you can sell to NEW PROSPECTS in the same way. This information is invaluable. Visit Intel makes ALL leads warm.

Marketing should not feel left out. Visit Intel will provide value to them as well.

The Marketing team has access to the Visit Intel Nurture Portal where they access the Macro Trends and analyze the results of their various marketing strategies.
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To summarize this post...Visit Intel closes the gap between the Marketing and Sales teams within an organization.

The Visit Intel Site Alerts that get emailed are really more of a sales tool and should be directed to your sales team.

The Visit Intel Nurture Portal is for the Marketing people to slice and dice data for macro trend analysis regarding ...

  • who is visiting your website
  • how they got there
  • what they are doing once there
Try a full blown version of Visit Intel with no obligation to move forward at the end of the trial period by clicking here.........https://visitintel.com/2ZR5YS29XXOEX.html


What is Visit Intel?

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Visit Intel is a website visitor intelligence tool that generates site visit alerts when someone from a company clicks through your website.

A site alert like the one below is sent automatically when someone clicks through your website detailing ...

  • How they found your site
  • What company they are from
  • What they did on your site
  • much more...
Besides the Visit Intel Site Alerts that get automatically sent... there are features and other services that can be leveraged in addition to the Site Tracking Alerts like the following...
  • A User can click on the LinkedIN and Google Search Icons on the Visit Intel site alerts to get more information on the company and people within that company that visited your website. In the screenshot above...you will see those icons below the company name.
  • There is a feature within "Visit Intel" that generates a shortened landing page web address ( like bit.ly). Once you generate the shortened address....it has "Visit Intel" Tracking already embedded in it. Great for Press Releases or any time a quick landing page needs to be created.
  • We can apply "Visit Intel" tracking to a defined list of Contacts ( from Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Hub Spot etc) so that when those people visit your site in the future outside of your email campaign(s)...you will know exactly what person clicked on what web pages on your site 
  • We can apply "Visit Intel" tracking to an attachment and/or video embedded in an email or on your website....alerting you when that attachment has been opened. 
  • We can apply "Visit Intel" tracking to a signature block that links to your site. So you will know if the visitor came to your site via the sig block. 
  • Within "Visit Intel" you can assign what SITE ALERT EMAILS go to which sales people. (ie. by territory) 
  • There is the ability to analyze the Visitor Macro Trends for your website. Visit Intel users have access to their own Nurture Portal

In the nurture portal ...users can view information by Day, Week , Month, Quarter. All data can be exported. You can see the macro trends for....

  • Website Visit Counts - how many visitors clicked through your site
  • Notifications - This view shows you all of the Site Alerts you have received by company
  • Visits By Location - show visits by Country
  • Visits by Social Media sites - meaning did people come to your site via Facebook, Instagram , LinkedIN etc.
  • Device Visits - What devices are people using to get to your site. ie PC's, Tablets, Mobile Phones etc
  • Referral URL Visits - What other sites are referring people to your website
  • Most Popular Pages - What are the most popular pages viewed on your site
  • We can set up "Visit Intel" to track what specific Email Campaign and/or Press Release triggered a site visit whether in house or from an ESP (email service provider). We can apply COLOR CODING so that you can easily see that information on the EMAILED VISIT INTEL SITE ALERT.
As you can see....there is a lot more to Visit Intel then just the Site Alerts. Try Visit Intel FREE with no obligation by clicking on the following link....https://visitintel.com/2ZR5YS29XXOEX.html


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